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Love the new facility. Staff is wonderful. Dr. Cullum has been our family eye physician for many years and we are so excited that she has moved to the new facility and joined the team with Dr. Haugen.
J. B    -    April 2017

Dr Haugen gave me a new lease on life. I was considering quitting my job because I could no longer see well enough to read the computer without constant adjustments. He was friendly, professional and had a ready smile and the best bedside manner I have encountered in a medical Doctor. I am 77 and he gave me back my 20/20 vision. I am blessed to be his patient. The entire staff at Northridge Eye Care is a cut above.
Edward C    -    April 2017

Wonderful Place; I love the new building! Dr. Cullum is the best! I have been seeing her for years. Its wonderful to know she now has a surgeon with her.
Patty E    -    April 2017

I wish I had done this years sooner. It's been nearly 2 years since my surgery with Dr. Haugen and I couldn't be more happy. The consult and day of the visit went flawlessly - like most people (I assume), I was utterly surprised at how quickly the actual procedure took. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to have this done. I would recommend this facility, the staff, and Dr. Haugen to anyone I know (and those I don't). Completely satisfied.
Cranjus M    -    April 2017

My sister, brother-in-law, and a few other family members raved so much about Northridge Eye Care that I decided to finally give it a try. I knew I needed glasses for some time now, but I was hesitant to get a check up. Upon entering Northridge, Dulce greeted me and was very welcoming. Dr. Cullum did an amazing job during my eye exam. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. She also made sure to answer any and all of the questions that I had. When I was finished with my eye exam, Linda helped me pick out the perfect pair of glasses. My entire appointment from start to finish was excellent. Thus, if you are looking for an enjoyable, knowledgeable, stress-free experience, look no further, Northridge Eye Care is the place for you!
Molly D    -    April 2017

I've been going to Dr. Haugen at Northridge Eye Care for 4 years now. He is professional, courteous and thorough. I drive over 150 miles to get my eyes checked by him and it's well worth the drive. You don't get any better than Dr. Brian Haugen.
Susan C    -    March 2017

Excellent service, Great selection...My experience was superb. The staff was friendly, professional and patient with my cumbersome insurance questions. I was recommended by a fellow patient, who is also in love with Dr. Haugen,Dr. Cullum and their staff. I've find it difficult to find glasses that suit my face. I have received so many compliments on my new glasses.
Jane F    -    March 2017

My whole family goes here. All three children, my wife, and I all enjoy coming here. Dr. Haugen is very friendly, and very comforting. He really cares about his patients. The new location is great! Who doesn't enjoy going into a refurbished building especially one right on Main Street. Your eyes are in good hands here.
Eric M    -    March 2017

Just had eye surgery last week and it was a truly fabulous experience -- as much as any can be considering you're actually having something like this done. Dr. Haugen and his team are the consummate professionals, from the first diagnosis, to preparing all the minutia of the procedure and then at the hospital itself. His surgical director, Wanda is a calming partner to you throughout, answering questions and guiding you through all the preparation, forms etc. I never felt under an pressure to select a higher cost lens and Dr. Haugen was patient and extremely knowledgeable on what would be the optimal choice. The hospital team has worked with him for many years and the actual procedure was done without me being nervous. There are a lot of choices when it comes to medical or eye care in general, but I am so glad that I have Dr. Haugen and his office in my corner. I don't have to look any further for my long-term eye care.
Fred M    -    March 2017

I was referred to Dr. Haugen by someone that I know dearly and I would say that I'm thankful for the referral! Before this, for many years I had always just went to a LensCrafters and got any random doctor available there. I see this doctor maybe at the most once a year for my exam, but when I do it's always nice to see him and a pleasure talking to him about the Hawaiian islands and Japan. Very professional, easy to talk to and makes you feel completely at ease. And Wanda always makes my time there pleasant too and she never fails to provide great service, along with Dr. Haugen. Definitely the best ophthalmologist I've had so far and someone I would strongly recommend to anyone out there looking for one!
Mike B    -    Febuary 2017

I had my first visit to Northridge Eye Care yesterday. I barely had to wait at all while I was there. Everyone there made me feel welcome and comfortable. I liked Dr. Cullum very much and the woman who helped me find the perfect glasses was very helpful! I would highly recommend this office
Richard A    -    Febuary 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Haugen! Not only is he a great ophthalmologists- he's nice, pleasant and very welcoming. Sees you as a person not just another customer!!
Mary A    -    Febuary 2017

I went to Northridge Eye Care for my cataract consultation and they were the nicest people. I had 20+ questions, about everything from the actual procedure, surgery time, recovery, etc. They were so good about answering every question I had, making me feel as comfortable as possible and on the day of the surgery, I had no worries. The surgery was so easy. They did an amazing job and my vision has never been this good. I've had contacts/glasses since I was 16 and I was tired of having them. It was the best decision I ever made.
Christopher K    -    Febuary 2017

Dr. Haugen saved my eye! He is the absolute BEST Ophthalmologist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. My story: I had a terrible accident a few years back where an explosion resulted in a glass window shattering full force into my face. This left me with small fragments of glass embedded into my eye. I was told one of the fragments was a millimeter away from me loosing my eye, and that I would never have my full vision back. I was also told that I would most likely have problems in the future. As you can imagine, this was very traumatizing and I was incredibly scared. Dr. Haugen and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me through this tough experience. Dr. Haugen removed the glass and gave me back my FULL vision! I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me! Unfortunately I am now living 2.5 hours away. I was having eye problems and went to a local doctor (3 actually) and NOT ONE of them fixed my issues. I drove the 2.5 hours to see Dr. Haugen and he correctly diagnosed and fixed my issues immediately (after being misdiagnosed by the previous 3). Needless to say, I will honestly never see another Ophthalmologist again. I don't think you could find one better than doctor Haugen. I will continue to see him no matter where I live! Oh and as far as the office itself, it is incredibly clean, the wait times are very minimal, and the staff is very friendly. If I could give them 10 stars I would! THANK YOU DR. HAUGEN!
Sophia M    -    Febuary 2017

Our vision is one of the most precious gifts we have. And when that vision becomes compromised it can feel like you’re sailing into the unknown without a compass. Recently I found myself in just such a situation and cataract surgery was scheduled. I was very nervous about the procedure. Not because I didn’t trust Dr. Haugen and his team, but because I was afraid of the procedure itself. But I kept thinking about my eyesight improving and that compass being placed back in my hand. When the day arrived, I was met by each person involved in the process with nothing but kindness, professionalism and expertise. I’m happy to say that all my worrying was for nothing. The procedure went well, my sight improved and I’m already scheduled for the second eye. If you’re nervous about having cataract surgery, keep your eyes on that compass in your hand and know that everyone at Northridge Eye Care will pilot the boat for you until you can. I recommend them for all your eye care needs.
Karen D    -    January 2017

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